Catalogue of all publications by Northamptonshire Record Society

Publications fall into one of three cataegories:

  • The General Series, published in hard back form since 1924, and which includes the occasional volume from the Anthony Mellows Memorial Trust;
  • The Victor Hatley Memorial volumes, published as paperbacks to commemorate the life and work of the late Victor Hatley and
  • Pamphlets comprising short notes and reprints from NP & P.

General Series

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image of the dust jacket of The Best Burglar in the County

The Best Burglar in the County

Neil Lyon, 2021.

This book is written to celebrate the centenary of the Northamptonshire Record Society, founded in December 1920 by Joan Wake. She pioneered the idea of preserving records in the county, turning up at the door of pretty much every country house in the 1920s and 1930s, bullying the owners into entrusting their archives into her care, and rarely taking ‘No’ for an answer. In 1926 she was described as ‘the Best Burglar in the County’, a description which she relished and which is a fitting title for this volume.

A hundred years after the Society’s creation, it is time to put pen to paper and tell its story. By itself, the history of a Record Society might seem a somewhat dry subject for a book, but history can be amusing, particularly with someone as colourful, and with such a keen sense of humour, as Joan Wake at the heart of the story.

ISBN: 978 0 901275 79 0.

Price £20.



image of the dust jacket of The Manors of the Sacrist of Peterborough

The Manors of the Sacrist of Peterborough

Edited by T.M. Halladay, 2020.

This volume completes the publication of the Register of George Fraunceys, part of which has already been published in the same series under the title The Pilsgate Manor of the Sacrist of Peterborough Abbey.

Volume 7 in the Anthony Mellows Memorial Trust series.

ISBN: 978 0 901275 78 3.

Price £20.



image of the dust jacket of Northamptonshire National Schools

Northamptonshire National Schools 1812-1854

Rosemary Dunhill, 2017.

The Northamptonshire branch of the National Society played a major role in the first half of the 19th century in extending educational opportunity in the county's towns and villages, working with local clergy, landowners and others to build and maintain schools and to provide some minimal training for teachers while attempting to hold at bay what they saw as unwarranted government interference or nonconformist rivalry.

This study is based on the surviving records of the county and the parent societies, supplemented by other sources with relevant information in the Northamptonshire Record Office and elsewhere. The records include detailed correspondence which brings vividly to life the state of the parishes and their children before and after the provision of schools and the problems they faced in a period of economic turbulence and widespread child labour.

By the end of the period the society was working in (sometimes uneasy) partnership with the government; there had been radical changes in methods of teaching, subjects taught, and the training of teachers, though major problems remained and the contrast between bigger and smaller schools had if anything grown.

ISBN: 978-0-901275-75-2.

Price £20.



image of the dust jacket of Fragile Images

Fragile Images

Paul Sharpling, 2016.

Fragile Images is the first complete survey of post-medieval stained glass windows in churches and other buildings of the county of Northampton and the former Soke of Peterborough. The work stresses the fragile nature of the windows currently in situ and gives a detailed account what has been lost since the sixteenth century.

Mention is also made of medieval glass still present. Although the works are often considered to relate solely to religion, the author stresses their relevance to a wider range of topics, which should also be of interest to local historians, students of heraldry, psychologists, sociologists, genealogists, and archivists.

He offers comprehensive appendices including alphabetical lists of persons commemorated in dedicatory panels, arms bearers, war memorials and references to military regiments. There are also complete indexes of subject matter and how to identify figures illustrated in the glass, and a helpful list of Latin inscriptions and their translations.

ISBN: 978-0-901275-74-5.

Price £20.



image of the dust jacket of Peterborough Medieval Court Rolls

Peterborough Medieval Court Rolls

Translated by Margaret Briston, 2015.

In the middle ages, much law and government was done through local courts, which had difference but complimentary remits. Peterborough is unusual and fortunate in that for each of these kinds of court there are surviving examples of rolls, which record what business was transacted by the court and how. Such rolls survive for the court leet, which covered much bisinessconcerned with public order; for the manor courts of Peterborough Abbey used by the peasants living around the abbey; for the portmanmoot used by the free townsmen around the market; and for the market court, which settled trade disputes among those who had come to use the market, sometimes from outside the immediate hinterland of Peterborough. The ability to read across these different kinds of records means that this volume gives a vivid picture of life in medieval Peterborough.

Volume 6 in the Anthony Mellows Memorial Trust series.

ISBN: 978 0 901275 73 8.

Price £20.



image of the cover of Town and Crown

Town and Crown: the Governance of later 13th-century Northampton

John H. Williams, 2015.

During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries Northampton was one of the most important towns in England and yet, as a result of a series of catastrophic fires, little survives of its medieval built heritage and the borough archives also suffered grievously. Nonetheless important records do survive, somewhat scattered in the National Archives, at the Bodleian Library, in Northamptonshire Record Office and elsewhere.

In the first part of the volume the relationship between the crown and and the burgesses of Northampton in the later thirteenth century is discussed, particularly in relation to the governance of the town, its finacial management and the maintenance of judicial systems.

The second part of the volume presents some key documents relating to thirteenth-century Northampton, including a unique group recording payment of the town's farm while it was in the king's hands in 1293-4, and also Northampton's early custumal. There is a revised chronological list and 'biographies' of Northampton's thirteenth-century mayors and bailiffs.

ISBN: 978-0-901275-72-1.

Price £20.



image of the dust jacket of Estate letters from the time of John, 2nd Duke of Montagu 1709-39

Estate letters from the time of John, 2nd Duke of Montagu, 1709-39

Transcribed by Alan Toseland.

Edited by P.H. McKay and D.N. Hall, 2013.

This volume contains letters from five different series concerned with the affairs and estates of John, 2nd Duke of Montagu (1690-1749). The letters illustrate some of interests (like the gardens at Boughton House) and some of his problems (often financial), and the way in which he tried to reassert some of his ancestral rights. The letters throw much light on life at Boughton and the surrounding area that is of general interest as well as dealing with the management of the estate.

ISBN: 978-0-901275-70-7.

Price £20.



image of the dust jacket of The Accounts of Godfrey of Crowland, Abbot of Peterborough 1299-1321Rockingham Forest

The Accounts of Godfrey Crowland, Abbot of Peterborough 1299-1321

Edited by Sandra Raban, 2011.

This volume prints all the surviving legible accounts belonging to the abbacy of Godfrey of Crowland. The most important of them are three magnificent sets of enrolled accounts for the years 1300-01,1307-08 and 1309-10 covering manors assigned to the abbot's endowment, largely, but not exclusively, in Northamptonshire. These, and the remaining accounts, provide a full picture of estate exploitation at a time when the so-called classical manor, with desmene worked by servile labour, was still in operation. The accounts are extremely detailed, providing a mine of information for scholars. At the same time the vivid incidental information they also contain permits an imaginative insight into life on medieval manors of interest to more general readers.

Volume 5 in the Anthony Mellows Memorial Trust series.

ISBN: 978 0 981275 69 1.

Available from Peterborough Cathedral.



image of the dust jacket of Rockingham Forest

Rockingham Forest: An Atlas of the medieval and early- modern landscape

Glenn Foard, David Hall and Tracey Partida, 2009.

This volume is in atlas format, there being an atlas in three separate parts showing how the north-west of the county looked at the end of three major phases of landscape development: the open fields at the height of medieval expansion, c.1300; the end of the early stage of open-field enclosure by agreement, c.1750, and as mapped by the Ordnance Survey in the 1880s. The first has been reconstructed using archaeological survey results and historical sources. the second from the evidence of 250 maps - estate maps, enclosure maps and tithe maps that show the extent of woodland, landscaped-parks and the plan-form of villages. The third part of the atlas is a reproduction of the Ordnance Survey First Edition originally published at the six-inch-to-a mile scale. Between them, the maps show changes in settlement and countryside over nearly 600 hundred years. All the Atlas maps are reproduced at 2½ inches to the mile scale (1:25,000), the same as the modern Ordnance Survey Explorer series, with which they may be compared.

The book has an introduction that explains the geographical and historical context of the region and provides an outline history of its medieval administration, Rockingham Forest, the open fields, and enclosure, and has a detailed section on the nature of the village origins and settlement. The final part of the book, placed after the atlas section, consists of short essays briefly describing the history of each of the 70 villages in the region from 1086 to approximately the 19th century. Each essay has at least one plan showing individual houses and surrounding paddocks as they were in the 17th and 18th centuries (or 1885 if there is no older map). Extracts of manuscript maps are provided in many cases. These plans will be of interest to those studying the history of their own property.

The Atlas covers over 572 square kilometres (221 square miles) of land between the River Welland and the River Nene in the northern part of Northamptonshire, similar to the bounds of the royal Forest of Rockingham as it was in 1286. The book is the result of fieldwork and historical research undertaken since the mid 1960s to map and analyse the landscape of the whole of Northamptonshire. The data have been collected in a digital computerised format which is the only effective method of dealing with such a large quantity of information. It is then possible to display the character of the landscape in a variety of formats and show how it changed through the centuries.

This a substantial A4-sized hard-back book of 312 pages, nearly half of them in full colour.

ISBN: 0 901275 67 0.

Price £10.



image of the dust jacket of The Pilsgate Manor of the Sacrist of Peterborough Abbey

The Pilsgate Manor of the Sacrist of Peterborough Abbey

Edited by Margaret E. Briston and Timothy M. Halliday, 2009.

Pilsgate is Part B (about half) of George Fraunceys's Register of the sacrist relating to property in the Barnack area.

The Register, compiled about 1404, contains charters, rentals, terriers, mainly of the 13th and 14th centuries, principally for Pilsgate, (a hamlet of Barnack) and Bainton. Smaller amounts of material relate to the nearby places of Walcot, Southorpe, Stamford St Martins, Ufford, Helpston and Barnack. Some of the terriers are detailed with open-field topographical names. Many personal names are recorded as witnesses to the charters.

A detailed introduction is followed by a transcription of the Latin original text with a full English translation. The book is extensively indexed [90 pages] for persons, places and selected subjects. Two maps and three plates are included in this 600 page book.

Volume 4 in the Anthony Mellows Memorial Trust series.

ISBN: 0 901275 66 2.

Price £10.



image of the dust jacket of Early Northampton Wills

Early Northampton Wills

Transcribed, translated and edited by Dorothy Edwards, Margaret Forrest, Jacqueline Minchinton, Michael Shaw, Beryl Tindall and Patience Walls, 2005.

In Northamptonshire Record Office is a bound volume containing more than 600 wills from the period 1462 to 1509. For a number of years a group of enthusiasts transcribed and translated 145 of the wills of people who lived in the town of Northampton. Most are in Latin; these transcriptions and translations form the core of this book.

The wills are mainly of trades-people with a sprinkling of priests and minor gentry, and 27 were made by women, mainly well-to-do widows. Analysis of these wills has revealed much about the lives of the people in 15th century Northampton and the town itself.

ISBN: 0 901275 646.

Price £10.



Image of the dust jacket of the White Book of Peterborough

The White Book of Peterborough

Edited by Sandra Raban, 2001.

The White Book, one of the notable surviving records from Peterborough Abbey, comprises two registers compiled between 1295 and 1321 for Abbot William of Woodford and Abbot Godfrey of Crowland.  Its varied contents range from the abbey's domestic business to copies of documents of far wider significance.

ISBN: 0 901275 62 X.

Price £10.



Image of the dust jacket of the Journals of Lady Knightly

Politics and Society: The Journals of Lady Knightly of Fawsley 1885-1913

Edited by Peter Gordon, 1999.

Louisa Mary Lady Knightly was a woman of unusually wide interests, especially in the field of public affairs, in an age when few opportunities arose for women to make a contribution to politics and feminist matters.

ISBN: 0 901275 61 1.



Image of the dust jacket of Peter Tillemans book Northamptonshire in the early 18th Century

Northamptonshire in the Early 18th Century: Drawings by Peter Tillemans and others

Edited by Bruce A. Bailey, 1996.

This volume reproduces all the drawings contained in the British Library and will give the reader an idea of what Northamptonshire looked like in the 1720s.

ISBN: 0 901275 60 3.



Image of the dust jacket of The Open Fields of Northamptonshire

The Open Fields of Northamptonshire

David Hall, 1995.

The open fields were dominant features of the landscape and agricultural organization of England for a millennium. The author explains the workings of the open fields before they were enclosed to form hedged fields.

ISBN: 0 901275 59 X.



The Church in Victorian Northampton

Edited by Victor A. Hatley.

Visitation records of Bishop Magee 1872-1886.



Image of the dust jacket of Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam and Francis Guybon

The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon his Steward 1697 to 1709

Edited by D.R. Hainsworth and Cherry Walker, 1990.

This volume prints some of the correspondence of William, 3rd Baron and later 1st Earl Fitzwilliam.  The correspondence that is printed here is vivid and immediate dealing with the Fitzwilliam family and their tenants.

ISBN: 0 901275 54 9.

Members £10.



The Cartulary of Daventry Priory

Edited by M.J. Franklin, 1988.

Daventry was one of the houses dissolved by Cardinal Wolsey in 1526 in order to provide for the endowment of his new college in Oxford, the college after the intervention of Henry V111, eventually became Christ Church. A large number of original charters, on which this compilation was originally based, were still preserved there until 1927, when they were deposited in the Bodleian Library. However, there is no evidence that the cartulary ever went to Oxford.

In Latin with brief synopses in English.

ISBN: 0 901275 53 0.

Members £10.



Image of the dust jacket of the Red Earl Part 2

The Red Earl: The Papers of the Fifth Earl Spencer 1835-1910: Part II, 1885 to 1910

Edited by Peter Gordon, 1986.

As well as being one of the greatest landowners in the county, Lord Spencer was a leader of the Liberal Party and came close to succeeding Gladstone.

ISBN: 0 901275 52 2.

Members £10.



Image of the dust jacket of Peterborough Obedientary Accounts

Account Rolls of the Obedientaries of Peterborough

Edited by Joan Greatrex, 1984.

In the original Latin, with an introduction in English.

An Anthony Mellows Memorial volume.

Orders for this volume should be sent to:
Chapter Clerk, 12 Minster Precincts, Peterborough PE1 1XS.

ISBN: 0 901275 51 4.

Price £10.



A Northamptonshire Miscellany

Edited by Edmund King, 1982.

1. The Estate Records of the Hotot family, ed. Edmund King.
2. The Daventry Tithing Book, 1700-1818, ed. R.L. Greenall.
3. Nassaburgh Militia Lists, 1762, ed. Victor A. Hatley with B.G. Statham.

ISBN: 0 901275 47 6.

Members £10.



Image of the dust jacket of the Read Earl Part 1

The Red Earl: The Papers of the Fifth Earl Spencer 1835-1910: Part I, 1835 to 1885

Edited by Peter Gordon, 1981.

As well as being one of the greatest landowners in the county, Lord Spencer was a leader of the Liberal Party and came close to succeeding Gladstone.

ISBN: 0 901275 45 X.

Members £10.

Please note: this volume may be supplied without a dust jacket.



image of the dust jacket of the Puritans in the Diocese of Peterborough

The Puritans in the Diocese of Peterborough 1558-1610

W.J. Sheils, 1979.

An important study of Puritanism in Northamptonshire and the former Soke of Peterborough.

ISBN: 0 901275 40 9.

Members £10.



Calendar of the Correspondence of Philip Doddridge D.D. 1702-1751

Geoffrey F. Nuttall, 1979.

A calendar of nearly 2,000 letters to and from Doddridge, who was a minister in Northampton from 1729 to shortly before his death in 1751.

Published in conjunction with the Historical Manuscripts Commission.

Obtainable from HMSO only.

ISBN: 011 440067 9*.



The Cartularies and Registers of Peterborough Abbey

Janet D. Martin, 1978.

A descriptive account of the manuscripts of the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough. The first of the volumes on the records of Peterborough published on behalf of the Dean and Chapter from the Anthony Mellows Memorial Trust.

Orders for this volume should be sent to:
Chapter Clerk, 12 Minster Precincts, Peterborough PE1 1XS.

ISBN: 0 901275 39 5.

Members £10.



Northamptonshire Lieutenancy Papers and Other Documents 1580-1614

Edited by Jeremy Goring and Joan Wake, 1975.

The workings of the Northamptonshire Militia during the Armada period, with papers which passed between Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Lieutenant from 1586 to 1591, and his deputies.

ISBN: 0 901275 34 4.

Members £10.



Luffield Priory Charters: Part II

Edited by G.R. Elvey, 1975.

A wide range of charters, leases, and court rolls dealing with the affairs of the Benedictine Priory of Luffield on the Buckinghamshire-Northamptonshire border.

In original Latin with English summaries.

In conjunction with the Buckinghamshire Record Society.

ISBN: 0 901275 31 X.

Members £10.



Northamptonshire Militia Lists 1777

Edited by Victor A. Hatley, 1973.

Transcriptions of the lists compiled by parish constables in each town or village, with analyses of crafts and trades for each Hundred. Glossary, and index of surnames.

ISBN: 0 901275 29 8.

Members £10.



The Letters of Daniel Eaton to the Third Earl of Cardigan 1725-1732

Edited by Joan Wake and Deborah Champion Webster, 1971.

166 letters from the Steward to the owner of a large estate giving a vivid picture of Northamptonshire society in the early 18th century and the running of a landed estate.

SBN: 901275 08 5.

Members £10.



The Royal Forests of Northamptonshire: A study in their economy 1558-1714

Philip A.J. Pettit, 1968.

A monograph examining the development and exploitation of forest lands under the Tudors and Stuarts and the impact of the Crown's policy on the life of the country.

Members £10.



Luffield Priory Charters: Part I

Edited by G.R. Elvey, 1968.

A wide range of charters, leases, and court rolls dealing with the affairs of the Benedictine Priory of Luffield on the Buckinghamshire-Northamptonshire border.

In original Latin with English summaries.

In conjunction with the Buckinghamshire Record Society.

Members £10.



John Isham: Mercer and Merchant Adventurer: Two account books of a London Merchant in the reign of Elizabeth I

Edited by G.D. Ramsay, 1962.

The fortunes of the younger son of a landowner who left Northamptonshire at 16 for the City of London and returned after 30 years to buy the manor of Lamport. An important collection of private business accounts.

Members £10.



Carte Nativorum: A Peterborough Abbey Cartulary of the 14th Century

Edited by C.N.L. Brooke and M.M. Postan, 1960.

A peasants' cartulary.  The 550 charters dating from the beginning of the 13th century registered by the Abbot of Peterborogh afford evidence of widespread land transactions amongst the Abbey's manorial tenants.

Members £10.



The Wealth of Five Northamptonshire Families 1540-1640

Mary E. Finch, with a preface by H.J. Habakkuk, 1956; reprinted 1966.

Based on private records, this important study traces the fortunes of the Ishams, the Spencers, the Treshams, the Fitzwilliams and the Brudenells for 100 years revealing problems of the landownership and estate management.



Peterborough Local Administration: Elizabethan Peterborough: The Dean and Chapter as Lords of the City

Edited by W.T. Mellows and Daphne H. Gifford, 1956.

The story of the transfer of the manorial lordship of Peterborough from the Abbots to the Dean and Chapter of the newly created Cathedral after the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Anthony Mellows Memorial Volume No 2.

Members £10.



The Correspondence of Bishop Brian Duppa and Sir Justinian Isham 1650-1660

Edited by Sir Gyles Isham, 1955.

Letters of a Royalist Bishop at Richmond during the eclipse of the Church of England under the Commonwealth to his equally Royalist friend at Lamport. Includes memoirs of the correspondents and an historical summary.

Members £10.



The Book of William Morton, Almoner of Peterborough Monastery 1448-1467

Edited by P.I. King, with annotations by W.T. Mellows and introduction by C.N.L. Brooke, 1954.

Anthony Mellows Memorial Volume No 1.



Sir Christopher Hatton's Book of Seals

Edited by Lewis C. Loyd and Doris Mary Stenton, 1950.

In conjunction with the Clarendon Press.



A Descriptive List of the Printed Maps of Northamptonshire 1576-1900

Harold Whitaker, 1948.

A detailed description of 691 maps.



The Foundation of Peterborough Cathedral 1541

Edited by W.T. Mellows, 1941; reprinted 1967.

An account of Henry VIII's creation of the See of Peterborough out of part of the ancient See of Lincoln and the conversion of the Abbey Church into the new Cathedral, together with relevant documents.

Price £10



The Last Days of Peterborogh Monastery

Edited by W.T. Mellows, 1941; reprinted 1967.

A series of documents (1535-1539) relating to the dissolution of the monastery.  The Introduction discusses its organisation before the surrender, the Abbot's Powers of appointing Justices of the Peace for the Soke of Peterborough, the Lincolnshire Rebellion of 1536, and the dissolution.



Rolls of Northamptonshire Sessions of the Peace: Roll of the Supervisors 1314-1316 and Roll of the Keepers of the Peace 1320

Edited by Marguerite Gollancz, 1940.



Peterborough Local Administration: Parochial Government from the Reformation to the Revolution 1541-1689 being Minutes and Accounts of the Feoffees and Governors of the City Lands

Edited by W.T. Mellows, 1937.



Peterborough Local Administration: Parochial Government before the Reformation: Churchwardens' Accounts 1467-1573 with Supplementary Documents 11-7-1488

Edited by W.T. Mellows, 1939.



Wellingborough Manorial Accounts 1258-1323: From the Account Rolls of Crowland Abbey

Edited by Frances M. Page, 1936; reprinted 1965.



The Montagu Musters Book 1602-1623

Edited by Joan Wake, with biographical notes by the Rev. Henry Isham Longden, 1935.



Kettering Vestry Minutes 1797-1853

Edited with introduction by S.A. Peyton, 1933.



The Earliest Northamptonshire Assize Rolls 1202 and 1203

Edited by Doris M. Stenton, 1930.



Facsimiles of Early Charters from Northamptonshire Collections

Edited by F.M. Stenton, 1930.



A copy of papers relating to Musters, Beacons, Subsidies etc. in the County of Northampton  1586-1623

Edited by Joan Wake, with an introduction by John E. Morris and a genealogical note by the Rev. Henry Isham Longden, 1926.



Henry of Pytchley's Book of Fees

Edited by W.T. Mellows, 1927.



Quarter Sessions Records of the County of Northampton 1630, 1657, 1657-8

Edited by Joan Wake, with introduction by S.A. Peyton, 1924.


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Victor Hatley Memorial Volumes

Vol Details Stock


image of the dust jacket of Thomas Cowper Land Surveyor

Thomas Cowper Land Surveyor

William Franklin, 2019.

Between 1938 and 1939, Miss Joan Wake corresponded with Mr William Cowper regarding the diary and correspondence of Thomas Cowper, Land Surveyor. That correspondence continued with Mary Cowper after the death of William. Miss Wake’s intention was that the Northamptonshire Record Society would publish the diary. To facilitate this Mr Cowper sent her transcripts of most of the letters held by the family written by, or relating to, Thomas Cowper up to the time of Thomas’s death, including the transcripts of some of the material Mr Cowper had previously donated to the British Museum Library (now the British Library).

Because of World War II the publication of the diary was put on hold. With the end of the war it was Miss Wake’s intention to have a person of academic standing publish the diary as one of the Society’s publications, and it was listed as a forthcoming publication in Northamptonshire Past and Present in 1948, but the diary was not published. By the early 1960s, an ageing Miss Wake still wished that it should be published; however, progress was delayed by other commitments and never re-started. The title was to be The Journal of Thomas Cowper, Inclosure Surveyor. 1765–6. Miss Wake, who had been the driving force behind the intended publication died at the age of 90 in 1974.

Volume 6 in the Victor Hatley Memorial series.

ISBN: 978 0 901275 77 6.

Price £10.00.



image of the cover of Country Houses

"Useless Anachronisms?" a Study of the Country Houses and Landed Estates of Northamptonshire Since 1880

Neil Lyon, 2018.

At a Northamptonshire Record Society lecture in 1947, Sir Gyles Isham of Lamport Hall posed the question whether country houses were ‘useless anachronisms’. At that time the future certainly seemed bleak, and the wave of demolitions had begun. Subsequent commentators would add weight to the argument that it was all but over for the country house and the traditional landed estate.

The evidence in this book gives a very different picture. Researching in detail the fortunes of Northamptonshire’s principal houses and estates since 1880, the author argues that the picture of decline and fall is open to challenge and that the real story is the remarkable survival of the country house.

If the story in Northamptonshire is remotely typical of the national picture then this book may change the way that people interpret the leading literature on the fortunes of the country house and landed estates in the twentieth century.

Volume 5 in the Victor Hatley Memorial series.

ISBN: 978 0 901275 76 9.

Price £10.00.



image of the cover of Recollections of William Arnold

Recollections of William Arnold

Edited by Keith Brooker, 2014.

During the Great War there appeared in Northampton a slim volume of reminiscences that is a unique published record of a successful footwear manufacturer’s life in Britain in the last sixty years of the long Victorian period. The subject of this book is James William Arnold (always known as William Arnold), who rose from the shoe workers’ ranks to occupy a position of authority and respect in the county town’s premier industry: for a working man born into a poor home to attain success as a manufacturer was unusual; despite popular assumptions to the contrary. He belonged to that generation of influential manufacturers that fashioned the industry during its final transition between 1887 and 1905 from a handwork-dominated outwork trade to a fully mechanised, factory-based industry. The production and retail structure introduced at that time was to last into the 1950s, when further seminal change overtook the industry driven by a new set of economic circumstances.

Volume 4 in the Victor Hatley Memorial series.

ISBN: 978 0 901275 71 4.

Price £7.00.



image of the cover of the Rev. John Jenkinson's Autobiography

The Autobiography of The Rev. John Jenkinson: Baptist Minister of Kettering and Oakham

Edited by R.L. Greenall, 2010.

John Jenkinson (1799 to 1876), well-known in his own lifetime but long forgotten, left an autobiography in manuscript form. Born in Hallaton, near Market Harborough, he migrated to Kettering after his father died and worked as a market gardener. In 'My Life' he reveals how he became a Baptist minister and the active part he played in the events of his time. Sympathetic to the poor, he was, in addition to being a preacher, a lecturer, journalist and pamphleteer. Jenkinson was one of the first Co-operators, a Temperance advocate and a Chartist. In 'My Life' he gives us a fascinating account of his part of the Midlands in the years before and after Queen Victoria came to the throne, as well as a revealing self-portrait.

Volume 3 in the Victor Hatley Memorial series.

ISBN: 978 0 901275 68 4.

Price £5.


image of the cover of The 1851 Religious Census of Northamptonshire

The 1851 Religious Census of Northamptonshire

Edited by Graham S. Ward, 2007.

One of the main features of Victorian local history was the balance between the religious denominations, which varied from place to place. The one and only a religious census was taken in the county of Northamptonshire was in 1851. This exercise was undertaken alongside the regular census, taken every ten years from 1801.

This Victor Hatley Memorial Volume gives a synopsis of the returns of each place of religious worship in every place in the county. The editor, Graham Ward, explains the problems inherent in the way the census was designed and looks at the issues raised by this one and only attempt to measure religious allegiance with statistical precision.

ISBN: 0 901275 65 4.

Price £5.


image of the cover of A Georgian Country Parson.

A Georgian Country Parson: The Rev. John Mastin of Naseby

Edited by Christine Vialls and Kay Collins, with a note on the Battle of Naseby by Glenn Foard, 2004.

The Rev. John Mastin was the author of the first parish history in Northamptonshire, his History of Naseby appearing in 1792. Little was known about his life until the deposit of his manuscript Memoirs in the County Record Office. So engaging and informative are these that it was decided to publish them, together with a reprint of the first edition of his History, and an appraisal of his account of the great battle.

This Victor Hatley Memorial Volume is of interest to students of rural life and the Church in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and to those interested in the Battle of Naseby.

ISBN: 0 901275 638.

Price £5.


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Ref Details Stock


The Northamptonshire Record Society: Its Work and Aims

Joan Wake, 1930.



Royal Archaeological Institute

Report of the Summer Meeting at Northampton 1953. Contains expert descriptions of many of the country houses, churches and other buildings in the county.



Ethel Stokes: Leader in the Movement for the Preservation and use of English Records

Joan Wake.

A tribute.



Delapre Abbey, its History and Architecture

Joan Wake and W.A. Pantin, 1959; revised 1975.

Reprint from Northamptonshire Past and Present Vol. II No 5, 1958.



A Northamptonshire Rector: The Life of Henry Isham Longden, Scholar, Sportsman, Priest

Joan Wake, 1943.

Reprint from Northamptonshire Past and Present Vol. IV.



The Washington Family and its Northamptonshire Associations

George Washington.

Reprint from Northamptonshire Past and Present Vol. IV, No 1.

Price £1.



A Victorian Schoolmaster: John James Graves 1832-1903

Malcolm Seaborne and Sir Gyles Isham, 1967.

Reprint from Northamptonshire Past and Present Vol. IV, Nos. 1 & 2.

Price £1.



The Kettering Worsted Industry of the 18th Century

Adrian Randal.

Reprint from Northamptonshire Past and Present Vol. IV, Nos. 5 & 6.

Price £1.



Justices of the Peace in Northamptonshire 1830-1845

R.W. Shorthouse.

Reprinted from Northamptonshire Past and Present Vol V, Nos. 2 & 3.

Price £1.


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