Image of Northamptonshire Militia Lists 1777

Northamptonshire Militia Lists 1777

Edited by Victor Hatley, 1973.

Transcriptions of the lists compiled by parish constables in each town or village, with analyses of crafts and trades for each Hundred. Glossary, and index of surnames.

ISBN: 0 901275 29 8.


Of the several series of militia lists that exist for Northamptonshire, those for 1777 cover the whole of the county except for the Nassaburgh Hundred (better known as the Soke of Peterborough). The militia lists for 1762 for the Nassaburgh Hundred can be found in Volume 32 of the Society's publications A Northamptonshire Miscellany, which is also available on-line.

An erratum for Northamptonshire Militia Lists 1777 appears in Volume 32; it is included here for convenience.

The frontispiece shows Thomas Rowlandson's painting of the Northamptonshire Militia at Brackley in 1807.

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  • Title pages, etc (file size: 313kB)
  • Contents, Acknowledgements and Notes, pp v-vii (file size: 145kB)
  • Introduction, pp viii-xxiv (file size: 1,313kB)
  • Glossary, pp xxv-xxvi, (file size: 125kB)
  • Erratum, reproduced here from Vol 25, (file size: 94kB)
  • Chipping Warden Hundred, pp 1-6 (file size: 454kB)
  • Cleyley Hundred, pp 7-14 (file size: 605kB)
  • Corby Hundred, pp 15-31 (file size: 1,331kB)
  • Fawsley Hundred, pp 32-52 (file size: 1,649kB)
  • Greens Norton Hundred, pp 53-58 (file size: 539kB)
  • Guilsborough Hundred, pp 59-77 (file size: 1,530kB)
  • Hamfordshoe Hundred, pp 78-88 (file size: 915kB)
  • Higham Ferrers Hundred, pp 89-97 (file size: 760kB)
  • Huxloe Hundred, pp 98-113 (file size: 1,465kB)
  • Kings Sutton Hundred, pp 114-127 (file size: 1,206kB)
  • Navisford Hundred, pp 128-132 (file size: 425kB)
  • Nobottle Grove Hundred, pp 133-146 (file size: 1,239kB)
  • Orlingbury Hundred, pp 147-155 (file size: 714kB)
  • Polebrook Hundred, pp 156-161 (file size: 499kB)
  • Rothwell Hundred, pp 162-174 (file size: 1,018kB)
  • Spelhoe Hundred, pp 175-191 (file size: 1,539kB)
  • Towcester Hundred, pp 192-198 (file size: 628kB)
  • Willybrook Hundred, pp 199-206 (file size: 702kB)
  • Wymersley Hundred, pp 207-216 (file size: 928kB)
  • Indexes:
    • Names (Abage - Fitch), pp 219-231 (file size: 1,356kB)
    • Names (Fitzhug / Fitczhugh - Nicholson / Nickalson / Nickelson), pp 219, 232-243 (file size: 1,331kB)
    • Names (Nickinson - Young / Yong), pp 219, 244-256 (file size: 1,314kB)
    • Places, pp 257-260 (file size: 250kB)

Note: The Names index has been split into three parts; the explanatory note which appears on page 219 in the first part is repeated in the other parts for convenience. The author has grouped together names having a similar sound, e.g. Young and Yong shown above as Young / Yong.

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